Modernizing Docking Systems


Traffic lights inform building staff and the truck driver about the dock-in process. Wheel guides and truck positioning sensors assist the driver. Dock lights and reflection guides are other helpful tools that make the dock-in easier.

The ASSA ABLOY eye is an electronic, sensor-based dock-in system, supporting the vehicle driver at in-bound docking navigation.

Outside traffic lights inform the driver about the distance to the dock. Dock-in time is shortened, operation is safer and the loading bay, its equipment and the building itself are subject to less wear, tear and damage.

To fully absorb the energy of an in-docking vehicle, the loading bay’s rubber buffers must be correctly specified. Damage to loading bay or building can often be quite expensive, but it can be reduced or avoided with the right buffers. It is better to over-specify the buffer capacity than to under-specify!

During loading and unloading, a vehicle is constantly moving vertically, creating wear on fixed rubber buffers – and on the vehicle itself. Moving buffers follow the vertical movements, thereby eliminating unnecessary wear and tear.