Saving energy, step by step


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Make your docking unit a temperature barrier

To limit heat exchange at the dock, we developed the Isodock and load-houses - docking concepts that seal the docking unit and reduce heat exchange by as much as 80%, compared to a traditional leveller solution.

Shelter your business against energy losses

A well-maintained dock shelter and door sealing reduces energy loss by up to 80% when the door is open and a truck is at the bay. Our know-how will ensure that your shelters are in the best shape to do the job right.

Let your doors do the job right

Your operators have lots of work to do. Don’t leave it to them to decide when to close the doors at your docks. We’ll provide you with a solution that closes doors automatically just as soon as trucks are loaded and ready to leave their bays.

Put the best knowledge to use

We can help identify and eliminate unnecessary energy drains at your warehouse and logistic facility. With the know-how to monitor, control and optimize door and dock usage patterns, we have helped customers reduce overall warehouse energy consumption by 30% or more.