Food and drink


Maintaining safety and quality

ASSA ABLOY doors and docking systems have built-in features that meet these demands, as well as many others, when installed in diverse food and drink manufacturing facilities.

Promoting cleanliness

ASSA ABLOY high speed doors are ideal where the demands on hygiene are high. The complete door frame of certain models is made of stainless steel which, together with appropriate door materials, are easy to keep clean. Moreover, sanitation is supported by no hidden folds or pockets in material that can trap dirt.

Preventing contamination

A number of features of ASSA ABLOY door and docking systems help to prevent contamination of goods by insects, birds and rodents for example. The tight seals and rapid action of our high speed doors, along with our dock shelters that close around trucks, hinder the spread of vermin.

Maintaining the cold chain

Preventing the deterioration of food and drink by keeping storage areas in a building or refrigerated truck at low temperatures is aided by ASSA ABLOY high speed doors and inflatable dock shelters, and our Isodock leveler that prevents unwanted flows of hot or cold air. Energy saving provided by ASSA ABLOY solutions not only reduces costs but also contributes to regulatory compliance.

Safe system operation

ASSA ABLOY high speed doors are equipped with a break-away function and an automatic repair system. These unique features make the doors crash-resistant, thus avoiding production downtime and door maintenance.

Higher uptime

Door and docking service activities performed by skilled ASSA ABLOY personnel minimize breakdowns while maximizing uptime. Fast response time and a Preventive-Maintenance-And-Repair approach are important features of good service and maintenance.