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Crawford Dock Door
Crawford Dock Door
Crawford Dock Door
Crawford Dock Door

The ASSA ABLOYOH1042D is the new special developed overhead sectional door for loading bay applications.

The unique and simple design has a newly developed electrically operated system with a silent tooth belt that also works as an anti-lifting device.

The ASSA ABLOYOH1042D is always electrically operated with a direct drive featuring a soft start- and stop-operation, giving the door a smooth and reliable opening and closing. It can easily be operated from a control box where other installed ASSA ABLOYloading dock products are operated from.

The ASSA ABLOYOH1042D is a basic designed door without compromising the well known ASSA ABLOYquality. In addition, it is designed to meet all operational and safety requirements in the European Directives and the standards issued by the European Standardization Committee, CEN.

Technical description

ASSA ABLOY OH1042D dock door

  • Standard size up to (W x H): 3000 x 3350 mm
  • Panel thickness: 42mm
  • Windows: optional 
  • Pass-door: available
  • Wind load, EN 12424: Class 3 W < 4250
  • Thermal transmittance, EN 124282 (Door size 5000 x 5000 mm(: Full panel (steel) door  0,96 W/(m2K), Full panel (aluminium) door) 1,14 W/(m2 K)
  • Water penetration, EN 12425: class 3
  • Air permeability, EN 12426: class 3
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